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Originally Posted by jawwad ahmad View Post
The thread is very useful......Sir please tell me about the book that contains reference of sections of various statutes dealing with Muslim Personal Law(Marriage, Dower, Inheritance, maintenance, Divorce etc. )
It is suggested, for preparing for Muslim Law and Jurisprudence, to get a copy of "outlines of Muslim Personal Law" by Imran Ahsan Khan Nyazee which covers in a brilliant manner the following topics:

"1. Marriage (Nikah) including marriages prohibited by law
2. Divorce (Talaq), khul`, and separation. Right of divorce for women: tafwid, takhyir and tamlik.
3. Maintenance
4. Child Custody (Hidanah)
5. Restitution of conjugal rights
6. Mourning (Ihdad)
7. Vow of continence (Ila')
8. Zihar (injurious assimilation)
9. Lia`an (imprecation)
10. Gift (hibah)
11. Waqf (charitable endowment)
12. Inheritance (fara'id)
13. Wasiyah (bequest)
14. Qard (interest-free loan): a charitable act and not a business transaction".

the author, a Qadi in Virtual Shariah Court, has also critically evaluated Pakistani Statutes relevant to Muslim Personal law and case law on related issues.
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