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Default Solving One liners! (Blanks, MCQs, Tue False)

Solve EDS
Q.2 Differentiate between any five of the following pairs : (2 each)
a) rotation and revolution of earth
Rotation of a earth is when it spins around its own axis. It is completed in 23 hours 56 min and 4 sec. While revolution is when earth moves in an orbit around sun and the cycle is completed in 365.25 days. While rotation is responsible for day and night, revolution is responsible for seasons.
b) monocot and dicot plants
The number of cotyledons found in the embryo is the actual basis for distinguishing the two classes of angiosperms, and is the source of the names Monocotyledonae ("one cotyledon") and Dicotyledonae ("two cotyledons")
c) pollination and fertilization
Pollination happens when the pollen grains of the plants travel from one place to another to facilitate the process of fertilization. However, fertilization, a different process comes after pollincation in which pollen grains then actually meets with stigma to form ovule.
d) umbra and penumbra
Umbra is a region where total eclipse occurs while pemumbra is a region on earth where partial eclipse occurs.
e) nucleus and nucleolus
Nucleus is a living part of Cell while nucleolus is part of neucleus which is a non-membrane bound structure found within the nucleus in which ribosomal RNA is transcribed, and is composed of protein and nucleic acids.
f) heavy water and hard water
Hydrogen has isotopes such as duetrium and tritrium. Heavy water is a water whose chemical composition involves deutrim instead of hydrogen in the water molecule. Since, deuterium has an extra nucleus thus such water is slight heavier than normal water. On the other hand hard water is a water which has salts of water and magnesium within it and is regarded as hard water due to its impure nature.

Q.4 Fill in the blanks with suitable words : ( 1 each)
a. Heavenly objects, which resembles stars and emit radio waves are called Quasars
b. Geysers are hot springs that erupt hot water and steam from time to time
c. Hot liquid rock beneath the earth’s surface is called Magma
d. The first simply microscope was invented by Gallili Galleleo
e. Mitochondria is the power house of the cell
f. Ability of the air to absorb long heat waves from the earth after allowing the short waves from sun to pass through it is known as Green House Effect
g. Computer works on the principle introduced by the Muslim scientist Khawarzimi (introduced zero :p)
h. Coldest planet of the solar system is Neptune
i. The rupture of red blood cells is called Hemolysis
j. Muslim Scientist Ali ibn Al Tabari is famous for his work on Quranic Commentary (Tafsir al Tabbari)

Q.6 which quantities are measured by the following SI units : (1 each)
a. Watt: Power
b. Coulomb: Charge
c. Pascal: Pressure
d. Ohm: Resistance
e. Kelvin: Temperature
f. Joule: Energy
g. Meter: Length/Distance
h. Faraday: Capacitance
i. Hertz: Frequency
j. Ampere: Current

Q.7 What are minerals ? For most of the part minerals are constituted of eight elements, name any six of them. State the six characteristics that are used to identify minerals
Oxygen, Silicon, Aluminum, Iron, Calcium, Sodium, Pottasium and Magnesium
Color, density, luster, cleavage, radioactivity, refraction, magnetism, streak and hardness.
Q.10 Which of the following statements are true and which are false (1 each)
a. Haploid cells result from the process of mitosis False
b. All stars are of the same colour False
c. The left lung has two lobes while the right lung has three lobesTrue
d. The pulmonary veins return oxygenated blood to the right atrium false (left atrium)
e. Muslim Scientist Ibn Haitham is famous for his work on planets False, optics
f. Our galaxy milky way is shaped like a large thick concave lens with a large central bulge False, spiral
g. DNA has a double helix structure while the RNA does not have a double helix structure True
h. The normal temperature of Human Blood is 37 c (98.6 F) True
i. The liver is a part of gastrointestinal tract True (but it is not part of gut)
j. Movement of tectonic plates may cause eruption of a volcano True

Q.11 What do the following scientific abbreviations stand for ? ( 1 each)
a. LASER: Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
b. RADAR: Radio Detection and Ranging
c. LPG: Liquid Petroleum Gas
d. PVC: Poly Vinyl Chloride
e. CFC: Chloro flouro Carbons
f. AIDS: Acquired Immuno-defficinecy Syndrome
g. ROM: Read Only Memory
h. LAN: Local Area Network
i. WWW: World wide web
j. DNA : Deoxyribo nucleuic acid

Q.12 Give brief scientific reasons for any five of the following statements : (2 each)
a. Lunar eclipse lasts much longer than solar eclipse
The totality of the lunar eclipse lasts longer because, from the moon, Earth is bigger than the sun. Therefore, once the sun's light is blocked, the Earth has to travel quite far before the sun apears from the "other side' of the Earth, as seen from the moon.

From the Earth, the moon is the same size as the sun, so once the sun is totally blocked, the moon has only a short distance to travel before we see the sun emerging from the other side.
b. Goiter is common in people living in hilly areas: Iodine is found in sea-found and hilly areas has less access to sea food.
c. Mixture of ice and salt (sodium chloride) is used as a freezing mixture: Lower freezing point
d. Detergents are better cleaning agents compared to soap: Detergent when dissolved in water form micelle. These micelles help in the cleansing action of detergent.The cleansing action of detergent is very much similar to that of soap.The only difference is that detergents work with hard water also.It does not react with Ca and Mg salts and hence do not form scum.And form a large amount of lather.
e. Decomposers are important for life on land and water: In the process of decay
f. Places near the sea are cooler in summer and warmer in winter than places farther inland: Due to presence of Water vapors in the atmosphere which allows the moderation of the tempratures

Q.13 Name ( 1 each )
a. A disease caused by deficiency of vitamin C: Scurvy
b. The major fossil fuel impurity: Carbondioxide
c. The instrument used to measure degree of humidity: Hygrometer
d. An ore of Zinc: Sphalerite
e. Two most abundant elements present in the sun: Hydrogen and Helium
f. The metal atom present in chlorophyll: Magnesium
g. The gland responsible for the secretion of the hormone estrogen: Ovaries
h. An element used in the doping of silicon for the preparation of a p-type semiconductor: Arsenic
i. A synthetic fibre which is a polyamide: Protein
j. Major constituent of Biogas : Methane

Q.15 Choose the one alternative the best completes the statement or answer the question ( 1 each )
1). Glycogen is an example of
a Carbohydrate
2). The cell structure that controls movements of material into and out of the cell is the
b) cell membrane
3). The unit that co-ordinates different devices of the computer system is
c) control unit
4). _ _ _ _ manages and controls various functions of the computer
c) operating system
5). The number of natural satellite orbiting around the planet Mars is
b) 2
6). _ _ _ _ is an example of mechanical digestion
c) Mastication
7). Botanically a fruit is a/an
c) ripened ovary
8). The vocal folds are part of the
b) larynx
9). Blood glucose is raised by all of the following except
b) insulin
10. The famous book Al-Qanoon fil tib was written by the Muslim scientist
b) Ibn e Sina
(Other options: a) Jabir b Hayan, c)Zakriya RAzi d) Abu Qasim Majeeti
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