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Originally Posted by Muhammad Adnan
Assalam o alaikum to all the greatest members,
Well you know that Allama Iqbal is our National poet and also a very nice philosopher.
Today I have taken one of his two verses for discussion, these are very different so you have to discuss his thoughts in these tow verses,
I would like to invite all the members for discussion these two verses.
Hope you all will participate in this discussion

Alfaaz o muaani main tafawut naheen lekin
Mullah ki azaan or mujahid ki azaan or

Perwaaz hai donaon ki isi aik fiza main
Kargas ka jahan or shaheen ka jahan or

Respected Adnan!


First I am thankful to you to quote these two verses of Allamah Muhammad Iqal and invite us to discuss on them-Well ,being a lover of poetry ,inspite of ,having a very short knowledge I will try my best to discuss on these verses of a poet having a very broad vision-

These verses are taken from the poem "Haal-O-maqaam" (condition and situation or state and position)

Explaination :
For Explaination we are also concerned with the above two verses of poem as those must relate with these (according to the definition of poem),I am going to write the whole poem with her english prose and a little bit explaination so that meaning and basic concept may be clear-


dil zindah-o-bai.daar agar ho to batadreej
banday ko a'taa kartay heN chashm-e-nigraaN aur
( eng. prose: if heart is awake and alive then gradually they bestow the slave with an another guarding eye)

--->in urdu word "aur" also means "different" , but here I am concluding it's meaning as another -so the verse means that if your heart is neither died nor asleep then soon you will be granted with another eye i.e third eye by God-


aHwaal-o-maqaamaat peh moqoof hai sab kuCH
har leHzah hai saalik kaa zamaaN aur makaaN aur

(eng. prose: everything depends upon conditions and positions ,in every moment a traveller has a different time and a different place)

---->in the second line of the verse Allamah has touched the Einstein's theory of special relatively in which it is also mentioned that time and space vary according to the speed of a body but Allamah has taken it morally instead of taking it scientifically-He wants to say (acc. to my opinion) that a person's condition and his surrounding both are dependent on each other To understand this verse let's take the next one:


alfaaz o ma'aanee meN tafaawut naheeN laiken
mullaa kee azaaN aur ,mujaahid ki azaaN aur

(eng.prose:there is no difference of words and meanings ,but a religious priest's call for prayers is different than a religious warrior's call for prayers )
--->this english prose looks odd as there are no better alternative words for these arabic words "mullaa","azaaN","mujaahid" in english, that is why difference in english and arabic is same as "mullaa kee azaaN aur ,mujaahid ki azaaN aur) --
well, we can understand this verse in the light of previous one as being in the mosque a "mullaa" enjoys a different "frame of reference" i.e a very relaxed situation but on the other hand a "mujahid" has a different "frame of reference" i.e a very tense and critical situation (enemy can easily approach him) so both are in different conditions and hence the two persons' calls for prayers are entirely different, inspite of, containing the same words and the same message ,we can say the mujhaahid's azaan has a great impact on the hearts of people as compared to the mullaa's azaan as it is recited from the bottom of the heart-


parwaaz hai donoN ki usee aik faZaa meN
kargas kaa jahaaN aur hai, shaaheeN kaa jahaaN aur

(flight of both is in the same plain ,the world of crow is different and the world of falcon is different)

--> Inspite of flying above the ground the heights of flights of a crow and a falcon are different that is why they have to deal with different environment -In the light of above verses this verse is totally clear-

criticism on this discussion or addition to these explainations is welcomed-

your's sincerely

************************************************** ********

Iqbal has distinguished between two struggles, one without devotion and sacrifice and another with these spirits -He finally says that success goes with the second one ,,this struggle has a great value in front of God and people-

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