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1:Penchant; special liking for something……she has penchant for cartoons and dolls.

2:Sully; to spoil or lower the value of something ….by cheating they sullied the good name of their country.

3:doddering; a person who is unable to walk properly because of old age or weakness.

4:dogged; showing determination ;and not giving up easily….. abdul rasheed ghazi who was killed in operation, was dogged.

5:goon; a criminal who is paid to frighten or injure people. ……..goon was finally arrested and put behind the bar.

6:divulge ; to reveal; to give information that is supposed to be kept secret………the police refused to divulged the identity of the suspect.

7:delve; to serach for sth inside a bag or container:……………..she delved in abag for a pen.

8:betwixt:between: in middle position ; neither one thing nor the other .

9:turbid: of liquid with dirt and mud so that you can not see through.

10: recto; the pageon the right side of an open book…. Opposite…of recto is verso ….which means left side of the page of an open book.

Test of the words ;

1:penchant; 2:Sully; 3:doddering; 4:dogged; 5:goon; 6:divulge ; 7:delve; 8:betwixt9:turbid: 10
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