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Thumbs up Psychology-I (Re-Exam Faisalabad 2013)

PSYCHOLOGY PART I (Faisalabad Re-Exam 2013)

Q-2 Why psychology should study the observable behavior of people and animals instead of the unobservable mental events? Discuss with reference to J.B. Watson's contribution to Psychology (20)

Q-3 Differentiate between classical and operant conditioning. Which type of conditioning is closer to human learning? Illustrate with examples (10+10)

Q-4 Compare James Lange's and Cannon Bard's theories of emotions. Which of these is more objective in terms of scientific findings in the field of neuroscience? (15+5)

Q-5 Differentiate between MMPI and the 16 PF tests of personality measurement (20)

Q-6 Discuss contemporary theoretical approached to prejudice. Also highlight major issues related to prejudice in the current international scenario (20)

Q-7 Critically evaluate the psychodynamic model of motivation presented by Freud. How do the contemporary models differ from Freud's model of motivation? Discuss (5+15)

Q-8 Write short notes on any FOUR of the following: (5 each)
(a) Group Norms
(b) Homeostasis
(c) Alfred Alder's Concept of Inferiority
(d) Collective Unconscious
(e) Conflicts
(f) Binocular Cues of Depth Perception
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