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Originally Posted by Naveed_Bhuutto View Post
Because almost every candidate would attempt these question. It would be very hard to make your answer look distinct from othet copies by opting these questions.

2ndly these type of questions are rather stereoryped ones, which can be easily found in almost any book that you purchase from market. You cannot show your creativity in these questions.

3rd, I can bet that 80% of candidates would have quoted wrong facts and figures. Hardly anyone would come up with an appropriate answer if I ask that what is the total energy production in Pakistan, shortage and sources of that production or what is the avg per day corruption in Pakistan? pak ranking in world most corrupt countries according to Hdi and etc.

4th, examiner get sick and tired of going through almost same material, same reasoning and arguements in all copies and therefore they hardly award high marks to these type of questions.

And 5th I can go onn and onn as why these queations are not awarded high marks . Questions like this makes Pak/Current Affairs a low scoring subject.

Thank you for narrating me . Almost the perfect precise of my answer.
I second....

Naveed bhai can you attempt these questions shortly by just outlines:

Q. Discuss impact of AFPAK policy on Pak-US relations?.........In this question I drew maps, and wrote many facts and figures and discussed the policies between AFP and impacts on the PAK US relations, I gave dominancy and hegemony of USA, plus some examples e.g both negative positive impacts on PAK-US relations due to AFPAK..

Q. Substantiate Pakistan's role in UN peace keeping missions?............I focuesd on terrorism, and gave many facts and figures e.g causalities, economics losses due to terrorism and pakistan's stance in peace keeping and many other things..

Q. Critically appreciate the decision making in Pakistan regarding energy crisis in Pakistan?...............I took two perspective, decesion making of previous governments and today's governments, and mentions a lot of statistics. Discussed projects, TAPI, IP, Thar Coal, KPK, Punjab Dams and bla bla blaaaaaaaa

Thanks in anticipation....

And EDS Paper was vvvvvvery easy. Mcqs were also easy to me.

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