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Originally Posted by Bilal Hassan View Post
Great Nations win without fighting

1: Introduction
  • a: Meaning: Victory without violence
  • b: Peaceful Revolutions is true victory
2: Examples of Nations that become great without fighting
  • a: Japan, an archetype of successful nation without fighting after annihilation of WW II
  • b: China, sleeping giant, next superpower and economic heavyweight
  • c: Malaysia, not war but vision is road to success
  • d: Singapore, Placid yet great nation
  • e: Switzerland, being best is being nonchalant

3: What exactly is a victory?
  • a: Peace itself is a great blessing
  • b: Healthy Nation
  • c: Economic Freedom
  • d: Rule of Law
  • e: Religious Tolerance
  • f: Moderation and Enlightment

4: What is required to be great without fighting?
  • a: Visionary Leadership (Mao Tse Tung, Mahatir Muhammad)
  • b) Clear Goals
  • c) Optimum usage of resources
  • e) Education
  • f) Technical Prowess
  • g) Tenacious and consistent approach
    h) Moral uprightness
    i) Altruism

5: Conclusion:
  • a: Vistory without fighting is true greatness
  • b: Real greatness lies in betterment of people
  • c: Great Nations win without fighting
Ahhh mashAllah its wonderful bro....its good..clear....shows u know the requirements of the topic...arranged in a good way....inshAllah you will get rewarded for the obvious hard work you have put in writing essays....I will definitely ask you for tips after the papers....once the papers finish though...never too late to learn

P.S. i was wishing for an outline or your thoughts on the essay i attempted "the character of a nation can be judged on its symbolic narratives"

My Lord! Vouchsafe me wisdom and unite me to the righteous [The Poets-26 Verse 83]
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