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Originally Posted by Bilal Hassan View Post
Great Nations win without fighting

1: Introduction
  • a: Meaning: Victory without violence
  • b: Peaceful Revolutions is true victory
2: Examples of Nations that become great without fighting
  • a: Japan, an archetype of successful nation without fighting after annihilation of WW II
  • b: China, sleeping giant, next superpower and economic heavyweight
  • c: Malaysia, not war but vision is road to success
  • d: Singapore, Placid yet great nation
  • e: Switzerland, being best is being nonchalant

3: What exactly is a victory?
  • a: Peace itself is a great blessing
  • b: Healthy Nation
  • c: Economic Freedom
  • d: Rule of Law
  • e: Religious Tolerance
  • f: Moderation and Enlightment

4: What is required to be great without fighting?
  • a: Visionary Leadership (Mao Tse Tung, Mahatir Muhammad)
  • b) Clear Goals
  • c) Optimum usage of resources
  • e) Education
  • f) Technical Prowess
  • g) Tenacious and consistent approach
    h) Moral uprightness
    i) Altruism

5: Conclusion:
  • a: Vistory without fighting is true greatness
  • b: Real greatness lies in betterment of people
  • c: Great Nations win without fighting
Great work, I also attempted like you did. Hopefully checker will also appreciate it, but I gave examples of USA, during colonizaion period, that how they got independence and won without fighting. I mentioned china, Tureky and also compared them with Pakistan. I mentioned many facts and figures from economic survey that how to win war without fighting and bla bla bla. In last I gave an optimistic conclusion...
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