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Originally Posted by Walrus View Post
Allah Ta'la uss banday ya bandi ko jannat main jaga naseeb karay, jinho nay iss saal k Islamic Studies aur Journalism k questions nikaalay.

Absolutely loved attempting Islamic Studies and Journalism exams. The questions were like your friend or an interviewer in a room where you were asked to express your critical analysis, show depth of your knowledge, and how you connect different aspects of learning process in to an argument.

This was the exam where you could put references of Wikileaks, (Bradley) Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden, Glenn Greenwald, NSA, and how freedom of expression has come under constant attack and sabotage recently.

You could also blend in role of social media, especially Facebook & Twitter, in bringing people from distinct cultures together on one platform and find common grounds; such as how activism of people, citizens, and activists from Arab Spring in Middle East, Pink Tide in Brazil, and Euro Maidan in Ukraine brought people of common interest together and how they could relate to each other on social media and internet by sharing their stories despite having difference in cultures and distance of continents.

This was a magnificent exam. Can not stress enough how much I loved attempting this exam. Brilliant.

May Allah bless you all and give success, do not despair if you could not express yourselves in the exams as Lord knows better. Keep trying and you would bear fruits of your hard-work, this way or that way. Keep the faith.
You are right dear but the paper says that one should have to attempt four questions. Besides, it is understood that performing in a single question does not mean good marks. after all the paper was tough.
''Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing''
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