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Originally Posted by WasimBhai View Post
You know, your posts in both the journalism and socialism thread totally put FPSC and its marking out of the radar. The people at FPSC are not transparent, not at all regarding how are they going to mark the exams. I have zero sympathy for 'rata' but I can tell you, I had to cross my answers at least a couple of times today because of the simple fact that I DO NOT know the criteria of how the exam will be marked. And that is the problem. You put questions, feel so good about it, and then when students try, you screw them over with your arbitrariness. Its shameful to say the least.

And secondly, what is FPSC trying to actually prove here? Is it expecting a kid from PU to emulate someone from LUMS? Or LSE? Well, the state better provide those who are less-previllaged with the same avenues and then judge them. This is atrocious and I seriously feel for those are going to fail today. This praetorian state now wants to further close up its elitism, way to go.
That is also true. I agree. This yay could be hurtful, if the xaminer disagrees with our views.

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