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Default Public Administration Paper 2014

Paper: Public Administration
Part : II

Q.NO.2 Define Public Administration and discuss its nature and scope. Critically examine the challenges of Public Administration in the 21st Century with reference to Pakistan

Q.No.3 Describe a situation in which each of the following types of leadership is appropriate:
a. Authoritarian
b. Democratic
c. Benevolent Autocrat
d. Laissez- Faire

Q No.4 Discuss the salient feature of the system of Public personnel Management of Pakistan and critically examine the needs to evolve the Human Resource Management in Public Sector of Pakistan from an administrative and operational role to a strategic one.

Q. No.5 Describe Max Weber's ideal type of Bureaucracy and discuss its applications in the Modern society.What are its dysfunctions and how these can be overcome to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in the public sector of Pakistan?

Q No.6 Discuss Herzberg's Two factor theory of motivation and examine its application in the context of Public Administration in Pakistan.

Q No.7 Critically examine the control mechanisms and process in Pakistan and suggest measures to strengthen the system to overcome maladministration and corruption.

Q No.8 Write Short Notes on any two of the following:

a. Woodrow Wilson's contribution to Public Administration
b. Planning process in Pakistan
c. Zero Based Budgeting
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