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Posting these MCQs as Umershehzad225 has requested me personally by adding on Facebook................... There were lengthy statements, hardly someone would be able to remember those. I am posting what i remember, contribution by other attemptees may complete them. These are my answers, may be wrong as well

Which is incorrect about Maslow's need of hierarchy.

c. Social needs are extrinsically as well as intrinsically satisfied

Who is father of scientific management

d. Non of these (Taylor was not in the options )

purpose of coordination in management is

interpersonal relationship to achieve a common goal

effeciency of an oranization is finally judged by

a. Through the out put of the organization

fair implementation of the policy in the orgnization is

a. Distributive justice b. Moral Justice c. Procedural Justice

There was a mcq like that (not sure) The leader whose authority is dependence on acceptance of the employees some thing like that ....may be i am wrong.

i selected ..........authority acceptance theory

Right decisions dependent on quality________________available on right time to right people.

a. Services b. Product c. Information d. None.
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