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Originally Posted by Fassi View Post
May be you people are right but have a look on other questions of paper 2:
Abu Tammam
Abbas Mehmud al Aqqad
Impact of Holy Quran on Arabic

Don't you think everyone at least prepare 6-7 personalities including Taha Hussain, Hafiz Ibrahim, Azad Balgrami, Khalil Jibran, Abbas Mehmud al Aqqad, Shauqi and Abu Tammam. Besides that Impact of Quran and Hadith are the most repeated questions since last few years. So, one can attempt these questions (paper) easily. Even though you may blame FPSC either way but overall paper was not that much tough.

What if I say, all the theoretical questions asked in both papers were repeated even you can find the answers of all these questions in my notes available on this forum. The link is given below.

Arabic Notes for CSS

Have a great time, stay blessed and hope for the best...
Brother the issue was that we prepared these questions in urdu. you know that it was paper II which used to give good marks b/c of translation portion. long notes are already less securing, added to that was medium. So in short it ruined the paper.
Secondly there were many like me who relied more on translation and less on personalities.
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