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Originally Posted by Qurban Ali Qureshi View Post
A comprehension exercise consists of a passage , upon which questions are set to examine the student's ability to understands the contents of the given text and to infer information and meanings from it.
Here are few Hints;
1- Read the passage fairly quickly to get the general idea.
2- Read again , a little slowly ,so to know the details.
3-study the questions thoroughly .Turn to the relevant portion of the passages, read them again , then rewrite them in your own words,neatly and precisely.
4- sentences must be precise, neat, and complete. it should be in your own words. Do not write the sentences of the passage.
Passages are choosen from intresting fields and if on have analytical ability and art/skill of converting authors words into ur own words while making sentence as concise as you can, you are done.
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