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Originally Posted by Man Jaanbazam View Post
Asslam-o-Aalikum Everybody. First of all let me introduce myself. I am Mechatronics Engineer. I appeared in CE - 2014 . It was my second attempt. I consider this attempt logically first. I appeared before in CE - 2013 without any preparation even i had not complete notes nor even know paper pattern ( When i saw Essay paper, i was much happy to see that i had to attempt only one essay. I thought before that i had to attempt more then one ). Anyhow for CE-2014 I prepared from every aspect. I attended tuitions of almost every subject. My optional was Geography, Arabic, Punjabi and Forestry. I read lot of books but alongwith that i wasted time also very much. I come to know loopholes of every subject after appearing in exam and i realized that its not too much diificult for me to clear this Insha ALLAH. Just need of smart and selective study. Above all proper know how and guideline. I will also post detail remarks about my every paper later one. Today was my last. I am here to offer my help and guidelines as far as i know , to every aspirants who are aiming for next attempt and later one. I will try my best to guide you properly. I advise you all not to join acadmies for preparation please. Just get good know how , grab suitable and selective literature and above all dedication, hardwork and responsibility matters. Good luck to all of you. Stay blessed ! Rememeber in your prayers.
thanks for offering help.please tell me how to start preparation of english? because aspirants who have not any teacher to check their daily english practice?
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