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Test ur vocabulary:

1.Amble: 2.Bluster:3.Cascade: 4.Disparage: 5.Eerie:

6.Nimble: 7.Oracle: 8.Prevaricate: 9.Pry: 10.Quash:

11.Ruffle: 12.Wither:13.saunter


To walk at a slow relaxed speed.


To talk in aggressive or threatening way,but with little effect.
I was not affected by his bluster.

A large amount of water Falling or pouring down.
A cascade of rain water.

Large number of things falling or coming quickly at the same time.
He crashed to the ground in a cascade of oil cans.

A large number of sth hanging down.
A cascade of blonde hair down the shoulder.

(verb).to flow downwards in large amounts.
The rain water cascaded down the mountainside.


To suggest that sb/sth is not valuable or imporatant.

I did not mean to disparage your achievements.


Strange,mysterios and frightening.

I found the silence under water really eerie.

(1).Able to move quickly and easily.
For this job,a man with nimble finger is required.
She was nimble on her feet.
(2).(of mind)Able to understand and think quickly.

A person or book that gives u valuable information.
He is oracle on European history.


To avoid giving direct answer to a question in order to to hide the truth.

Stop prevaricating and come to the point.


To find out about other people’s private lives in a way that is annoying or rude.

I m sick of ur prying into my personal life.


To take action to stop sth from continuing.

The rumors were quashed immediately.


(1)To disturb the smooth surface of sth,so that it is not even.

The bird ruffled its feather.
She ruffled his hair affectionately.

(2) to make sb annoyed ,worried,or upset.
Nothing ever seems to ruffle him.
He never gets ruffled, even under pressure.
The question obviously ruffled him.


To walk slow and in relaxed manner.(synonymous)amble.


plant or sth withers if it dries up and dies.

Plant withered due to lack of water.
(2) to become less or weaker before it disappears completely.
All our hopes just withered away.

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