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Originally Posted by inash View Post
Today Re-exam was held in the Essay paper,2014 for candidates of hall-12 Karachi.I am sharing the paper:

1-Islam in the post modern world.

2-Orient in its new mood.

3-Only a progressive education at all levels can ensure national progress.

4-No national progress possible without a comprehensive justice system in place.

5-Globalization:a new form of colonialism.

6-History is a gallery of pictures in which there are few originals and many copies.

7-The higher you go up,the harder you fall.

8-Screen translation-loss or gain.

9-Cyber culture:a mixed blessing.

10-Women in sports-a new challenge to cope with.
Relatively easier paper. Essay number 4 is about good governance. "Women in sports" essay tells that women's participation in sports is more or less the extreme form of liberty which has challenged our social patterns. It also demands that how the conflict between women sportsperson and the traditional societies can be resolved.
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