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Default Persian Objectives.....

hi everybody...
i am sharing the objectives of Persian Paper I.

Persian Paper I (Objectives)
1. What is Zand?
Commentary on Avista
2. Who was the pioneer of Ashkanis?
Arshak I
3. Who was the last ruler of the Ashkanis?
Ardawan V
4. Who wrote the following verse?
“Masnavi Molvi Maanvi,
Hast Quraan Dar Zuban Pehlvi”
Molana Jami
5. Who is the first women poetess of Persian language?
Rabiya Khuzdari
6. Where was Abul Faraj born?
7. ‘Ikhlaq Nasri’ is written by whom?
Nazam ul Mulk Tusi
8. Who wrote ‘Afreen Nama’?
Abu Shakoor Balkhi
9. Who was the founder of Safari Dynasty?
Yaqoob bin Laith
10. Who is the writer of ‘Chahar Maqalla’?
Nazami Aroozi Samarqandi
11. How many verses does Masnvai Maanvi contain?
12. ‘Tohfa tul Araafeen’ is written by?
13. How many chapters does ‘Qaboos Nama’ contain?
14. Who is the Saadi of the Sub-Continent?
Hassan Sajzi
15. First ‘Lughat e Farsi’ in the sub-Continent was written by?

16. Who wrote the first book of history in the Sub-Continent in Persian language?
Feroze Mubarak Shah
17. Where is ‘Beestoon’ located?
18. Who wrote ‘Akhlaq e Ashraf’?
Ubaid Zakani
19. In which year was ‘Gulistan’ written?
656 Hjiri
20. ‘Lawayeh’ was written by?
Molana Jami

Its all in order. All the answers are correct. Pls share the remaining one (15).
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