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IF you analyze this paper and then you will come to know that th approach is same as of previous paper in designing the essay pattern. But mostly topics are easier. I would say it is a big Discrimnation and incompetency of FPSC. Now they will commence the Screening test, it means another mountain is going to fall down on us. Another big problem is that they have included maths in screening test. Thus, FPSC has tried her best to shorten the candidates, especially those people would be affected adversely who are good at creativity and bad at Cramming....I am not a good crammer, I belive I would be worst affected in screening test. They are just ruing our future and nothing else. If they need crammers, then why they don't hire Roberts... Their polices are ambiguous. Their performance is in front of us. Faislabad scandal, incompetency of FPSC in conduction exam because of using cell phones in exam. I have been fed up now. They are just playing with our future. They don't care how it is awful and hurting to those who have been burning their mid night oils. But what can we do! Just nothing... We are just helpless and pupits of their polices and they are playing with us. I took my attempt with my fullest strength after got failed in only one paper in CE-13. I have taken CSS14, I belinve in Allah that HE will make it possible for me to get through. But unfortunately, rubbish polices of FPSC are making us tensed and pushing us in dark. Sadly, to see this paper, I have been too much hurt. This is unfair, discrimination and incompetency of FPSC.

Agar FPSC CSS exam bhe security or ache se nahi karwa parahi, kabhi Faislabad scandal, kabhi paper misplacing-To Simply TALA lagado FPSC ko, we are not jokers
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