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Default Sequence in Essay Writing

i wanna ask one thing if i m writting for example an essay on women empowerment or women rights .............
how do i arrange ...meant to say i may start directly from history after tellng wt empowerment meanz ...

e:g on women's right ....
1.conditions before the advent of islam .
2.Islam: a revolutionary religion in history of arab and onwards.
3.last sermon of the Holy Prophet (pbuh):a compact view of women rights .
4.woment,in uncivilized way:a prejudiced word.
a steriotypical view
a discriminatory creature .
5.vastness of the view of islam :
role of women in war , politics nd in philosophical fields.
reverance .
6.status of women in rural nd urban community of pakistan.
7.crime rate of womenz sufferings:karo kari
honour killing
bondage etc
8.A step by govt :child marriage restraint act 1929.
9.women plight with reference to under reported crimes.
10.role of dictatorial regime of zia:hadood ordinance.
11.steps taken by the govt to ensure women's rights.
.right of suffrage 1947.
.majlis e shoora in zia's regime.
.efforts in benazir's regime 1988.
.10% quota in css.
.33% seats in parliament.
.role of ngo.
.women action forum .
12.instigating forces for discriminatory behaviour .
.impact of feudalistic hold .
.male dominancy
.lack of support from law nd order departments .
.biased role of media .
.role of orthodox ullema .
13.women protection bill:a bright step towars justice .nov,2011
14.further steps need to be taken for the curtailment of injustice .

. mind set must be changed.
.ensurity of equality .
.they must be provided with compulsory education till primary.
.merit based employment to ensure their empowerment.
.ullema shud perform their role with the exactness of islamic enlightments .
.feudalistic hold must be condemnd. etc

Conclusion .

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