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Default Need Help regarding Screening Test

This is for All CSPs, Moderators and Senior Members of this forum, I really need your help.

What strategy will you suggest a person who is novice, who has 3 months (90 Days) of time period and seriously want to qualify Screening Test (if it's going to be held).

I have this following strategy:

From Day 1 to 31st July.(90 Days)

Current Affairs
English Vocabulary
First 20 Days: English Grammar & Comprehension.
Next 20 Days: EDS
Next 30 Days : General Abilities (30 Days because I am not good at Maths)
Next 10 Days: Pakistan Affairs
Last 10 Days: Islamiat.
15 Days for Revision of ALL.

I ask you; is this a good strategy or not ? Your experienced suggestions will be very helpful for me.

Plus, how to prepare for vocabulary in 3 months for Screening Test. I guess I don't have much time for extensive reading to prepare vocabulary. So Should I cram important vocabulary available on this forum and from past papers ? Or should I take another way ?

[I'm an average person, doing Masters abroad. I can spend 10 hours on daily basis. ]
Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens. (Jimi Hendrix)
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