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I will not say it was tough but to some extend it was not the paper we were expecting. Not a single question was being asked related to Auqaf,Zakat,Zakat Laws.
Even though it was my first appearance in PCS exam i was able to answer 58 question with very little preparation.

Originally Posted by ShakeelKhalil View Post
Dear how much merit do you expect ?
Since number of seats are 6 and aspirants are in thousands one must expect over 70.

Originally Posted by rocksever View Post
68) Inqalabi Shair is Josh Maleeh Abadi

I would add the following:

who was Leo Tolstoy?
Patisan means?
Last town on the korakoram border of China and Pakistan is? I wrote diamer
Congress ministries consisted of how many provinces?
When did Muslim league even gave away the demand for separate electorate? Its Delhi proposals i guess
Major gas of green house effect? CO2
Hafeez Jalandhri wrote National Anthem of Pakistan, It is compiled in his which book?
First urdu drama?
First urdu poet?
Founder of modern prose in urdu?
Nonchalant means?
2nd largest economy of the world? China
2nd highest number of nobel laureates are from?
Sindh madrassa was founded by?
Who first supported the Pakistan Resolution?
Malakhara is a game belonging to which province of Pakistan?
Main reason of Granting Gurdaspur and Pathankot area to India was?
Which country opposed Pakistan application for membership in UN?
Largest component of Atmosphere? Nitrogen
Brother thank you for the correction. I wrote Josh Maleh Abadi but i am not sure.
Thank you for posting remaining question. It would be great if anyone answer unsolved question.

2nd highest number of nobel laureates are from? ( United Kingdom )
Last town on Karakaram ( Sust )
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