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Default Few more Questions from PPSC Manager Auqaf BS 16 Paper

Originally Posted by rocksever View Post
68) Inqalabi Shair is Josh Maleeh Abadi

I would add the following:

who was Leo Tolstoy?
Patisan means?
Last town on the korakoram border of China and Pakistan is? I wrote diamer
Congress ministries consisted of how many provinces?
When did Muslim league even gave away the demand for separate electorate? Its Delhi proposals i guess
Major gas of green house effect? CO2
Hafeez Jalandhri wrote National Anthem of Pakistan, It is compiled in his which book?
First urdu drama?
First urdu poet?
Founder of modern prose in urdu?
Nonchalant means?
2nd largest economy of the world? China
2nd highest number of nobel laureates are from?
Sindh madrassa was founded by?
Who first supported the Pakistan Resolution?
Malakhara is a game belonging to which province of Pakistan?
Main reason of Granting Gurdaspur and Pathankot area to India was?
Which country opposed Pakistan application for membership in UN?
Largest component of Atmosphere? Nitrogen
I really appreciate your work guys, keep it up. you people are just amazing. Further to this i would like to add these questions.

I-1. As a result of 1937 elections congress formed government in how many provinces? (Wikipedia says 8)

I-2. Which one is the largest bird (ostrich)


I-3. Dormant=

I-4. Exemplify= Illustrate

I-5. Cataclysm = Upheaval

I-6. Nonchalant = Cool


I-7. Knocking "at" the door

I-8. Privilege "of" of knowing her

I-9. Limit "to" everything

I-10. Parted "with" her parents.

Pakistan Affairs

1-11. In Redcliff award why they handed over Kashmir to India? because
a) it was a large military cantonment
b) It was rich in mineral resources
c) Ravi river come from india which is important for West Pakistan
d) it contained a road which linked India to Kashmir

I-12. Hear beat rate of normal man in a minute (72 i guess, Not sure)

I-13. Why Nehru backed of talks on Kashmir, (tribesman entered in Kashmir)
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