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Originally Posted by Aamnah chaudhary View Post
i wanna ask one thing if i m writting for example an essay on women empowerment or women rights .............
how do i arrange ...meant to say i may start directly from history after tellng wt empowerment meanz ...

e:g on women's right ....
1.conditions before the advent of islam .
2.Islam: a revolutionary religion in history of arab and onwards.
3.last sermon of the Holy Prophet (pbuh):a compact view of women rights .
4.woment,in uncivilized way:a prejudiced word.
a steriotypical view
a discriminatory creature .
5.vastness of the view of islam :
role of women in war , politics nd in philosophical fields.
reverance .
6.status of women in rural nd urban community of pakistan.
7.crime rate of womenz sufferings:karo kari
honour killing
bondage etc
8.A step by govt :child marriage restraint act 1929.
9.women plight with reference to under reported crimes.
10.role of dictatorial regime of zia:hadood ordinance.
11.steps taken by the govt to ensure women's rights.
.right of suffrage 1947.
.majlis e shoora in zia's regime.
.efforts in benazir's regime 1988.
.10% quota in css.
.33% seats in parliament.
.role of ngo.
.women action forum .
12.instigating forces for discriminatory behaviour .
.impact of feudalistic hold .
.male dominancy
.lack of support from law nd order departments .
.biased role of media .
.role of orthodox ullema .
13.women protection bill:a bright step towars justice .nov,2011
14.further steps need to be taken for the curtailment of injustice .

. mind set must be changed.
.ensurity of equality .
.they must be provided with compulsory education till primary.
.merit based employment to ensure their empowerment.
.ullema shud perform their role with the exactness of islamic enlightments .
.feudalistic hold must be condemnd. etc

Conclusion .

Dear a commendable effort I must say. Since you requested for inputs regarding the arrangement and flow, here are a few suggestions for further refinement.

Women Empowerment

Question #1: Do we say Islam or anything remotely related to Islam in the title? I believe not. Why did you start your essay with Islam and condition before Islam? Although for us, the world may not have existed before the advent of Islam in the Arabian Peninsula some 1400+ years back, but for the rest of the globe it surely did. Secondly, Women did exist for a fact

Coming to the point, Whenever one attempts an Essay, the Introduction is the Punch line. By punch line, it means that the following points should exist in an ideal Introduction.

(1) A brief/one-liner introduction of the most important word in the Title- Women Empowerment
(2) The historical reference
(3) The present condition
(4) Most importantly, why you want to write about the topic and what conclusion you intend to draw at the end of the day

You are basically facilitating the checker- he knows what you mean by empowerment- he appreciates that you know both the present day situation and its historical context- above all he gets the honor of having a glimpse of your conclusion without going through your entire essay- According to Ashfaq Ahmad (Late) "Auroon k leyay Asaanian Paida kero, Allah Apkay leyay Asaani paida karay ga"

I hope I am making sense.

Your Essay is more like- "Women Empowerment in Islam" Or "Women Empowerment in Islam and its manifestation in Pakistan"

As a tip- We, Pakistani students that is, can't think or write beyond Islam or Pakistan. Our imagination lasts only these two entities. Unless the topic demands, inserting un-necessary information about either of them is harmful for the eventual result

A much more rational approach would be:

(1) Introduction- Empowerment, Historical Context, Present Situation across the globe- Why am I writing about this topic (this is THE most misunderstood topic, I want to analyze and present the topic with a different approach etc) What is my conclusion- Is it achievable? Is it worth it? Does it benefit us? (Anything of your choice)

(2) Introduction to the term Empowerment- What does the Word mean; How is it related to Women Empowerment- Its Historical Context- How it was coined and all?

(3) How is it measured across the globe? UN Empowerment Indices - Identify a few important ones

(4) What is the present World situation regarding Women Empowerment [From Asia to Africa, From Scandanavia to Muslim Countires]- Are there differences? [Of course there is a difference- A woman in Afghanistan is worse off than her fellow sister in Finland for example]

(5) Why are there such diverging trends? Lack of Education, Exploitation of Religion/Gender/Customs, Lack of Awareness

(6) What could be done to improve the lot of Women/Empower them- Examples over here: Quote Islam/Hazrat Muhammad SAW, Quote Pakistan's efforts/legislations etc

(7) Why is it important to Empower Women- What Islam Says about it? What Science says about it? Are there any success stories across the nations' history- Quote that 50% of the population sitting idle at home contributes nothing to the economy etc.

(8) Conclusion- Should we be hopeful? Can it ever be achieved? What would be the benefits of achieving them

That's all...

P.S: Open to further queries/debates/corrections
Umar Abbas Babar
I Know I am Bad But When Bad is the Best, Bad is the Only Choice
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