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Originally Posted by The Shah Ends View Post
Assalamo alaikom bro!
I didn't opt for Maths but I have studied NA in my Engineering. It's very easy for an Engineer. It would take your 3 to 4 days only. Don't know about the extent of NA in CSS maths but don't worry, it's even easier than Linear Algebra in my view.
PS: I may not help you further as I haven't opted for this subject. Apologizing!
Well - thank you. That was an encouraging response. I have decided to go with AM...Cant study those dull law subjects etc... (i hope the law guys are not looking at this ) .. what are your optionals ?

Originally Posted by waqas izhar View Post
as the shah said: it is easy. you can cover it all from youtube in a couple of days. but must go through past papers and practice those questions. if you are not careful you will waste a lot of time on it. go through 2014 paper's section c and solve those questions. you will know what i mean. there is no better teacher than first hand experience. once you have identified the problem then come back and we will talk of solutions. but first get experienced!
Thanks Waqas..I am doing Tensors and Numerical Analysis for the first time -- so getting used to the basics such as those irritating symbols and indices of the tensor part ..Then all of a sudden, a wave of inquisition hit me - ' what about Numerical Analysis', but the answers relieved me.
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