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What advantage would a 26 year MBA working in corporate sector have over a 21 year young graduate ? NONE
The only experience which matters is related to CSS. So a 21 year with proper guidance will have an edge over 26 year old MBA with no guidance.
Hence age has nothing to do with it, but any related experience will get you an edge, and it is like a universal fact in all aspects of life, nothing much to discuss.
and of course second and third attempters will have experience due to past exams. But such experience can be gained by attempting past papers in real exam scenario and getting them checked from expert of that subject.
Moreover detailed analysis of past papers,marks trend,examiner remarks on papers, will give you "know-how" .
The point is that instead of thinking you are overage(26,27) and lack experience, just try to gain "experience by other means" and attempt CE with full determination.
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