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Well CE-2013 was my 1st attempt and got my top presference in my 1st attemt so in my personal view qualifying CSS is dependent upon variety of variable factors.As this thread is discussing Age factors so in my view one should take xam when ever he/she thinks he/she is ready for it .I have seen people getting allocation at younger age in their first attempt.Don't waste your 1st attempt just to gain experience, you have as much chance of allocation as any SO- called experienced guy has .Repeaters may have acquired few tricks in their bags from their previous attempts, but 1st timers are armed with zeal and greater enthusiam for their exam.Oldies may have learnt what is important and what isn't but 1st timers possess innovation and fresh ideas.So, it doesnt matter whether it's your 1st or last attempt, just give it your best shot:-)
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