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The word "harbour" according to section 52-A, includes the
supplying a person with shelter, food, drink , money,
clothes, arms, ammunition or means of conveyance, or the
assisting a person by any means to evade apprehention.
The various provisions in the penal code relate to
harbouring or concealing a person knowing him to be an
offender with the intention of screening him from legal
punishment, harbouring or concealing an ofender having
escaped from custody, or whose apprehension has been
ordered, and knowingly harbouring any persons who are
about to commit or have committed Robbey or Dacoity.
The above provisions however, do not extend to the case in
which the harbour is given by the wife or husband of the
person harboured, ( sections 212, 216, 216-A)
The above However, presupposes that some offence has
been actually committed and that the harbourer gives refuge
to a person knowingly that thereby he helps to evade his
apprehention or screens him from legal punishment . It does
not apply to the harbouring of persons , not being criminals,
who abscond to avoid or delay a judicial investigation
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