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Default Firdowsi on Baloch in Shahnameh

the Baloch troops who fought for Astyages of Kai Khosrow in 585-550 BC were wearing helmets with a rooster's crest, . While listing the warriors of Kai Khosrow of Achaemenid empire, Firdowsi mentioned the Baloch in Shahnameh ("The Book of Kings") under the command of general Ashkash As follows:

Next after gustaham came shrewd askash
Endowed with prudent heart and ready brain,
his troop was from the wanderers of the koch and
Baloch wearing exalted roosters comb crests very rams
To fight,no one had seen their backs in the battle or
One of their fingers bare of armour,their banner was a
Pard with claws projecting,akash felicitated Kai
Khusrau at large upon the happy turn of fortune

— Firdowsi, Shahnameh

Ferdowsi described the Baloch as part of the army of Cambyses (Siahwash), son of Kay Khosrow of the Achaemenid Dynasty.
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