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My Interview Lahore Centre:

*Are you relaxed?
*Are you ready for interview?
*What u want to do so as to be ready for interview?
*Lets start with ur introduction first.
*How was ur experience of psychological assessment first day?
*How was ur second day?
*How was ur psychological panel interview?
*What u want to talk about and want us to assess you?
I told them and they discussed a lot and tried to confuse me.Then chairman drank a glass of water,he was smiling while trying to confuse me.I knew he is trying to confuse ,so i was too smiling.
*then chairman played a role playing game with me related to foreign service.
*U have failed to convince us and u have have failed the diplomacy test.
*expatriates are invloved in smuggling,drug trade,misbehave,fake passport scandals.they are ruining image of country.comment.
*whats the difference between diplomacy and foreign policy?
*U have an interesting and diverse personality,u have so many distinctions and individual accomplishments.I dont see u fit for bureaucracy.---I defended myself.
*Women empowerment-role of present regime-miscrofinance and macrofinance credit loan facilities?
*have u joined any organisation for women or NGO?
*How would u manage with changes in foreign service?
These are the main and basic questions asked,although there were more minute details involved,they did counter argue on may occassions and elaborated on my point to get a clear understanding of my point of view.
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