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Default Mian Feroz ud Din Ahmed gave Title of Quaid e Azam to sir Jinnah

My dear friend According to correct Information, Mian Feroz-ud Din Ahmed gave the Title of Quaid-e Azam to sir Jinnah, so dont spread any information based on ideas and without correct knowledge please. Mian Feroz-ud Din Ahmed was great man and u know one more thing, When Mian Feroz-ud Din Ahmed was Leading a Jalsa with Quaid-e Azam on the venue of Jaliyaan Wala Bagh, He died, Quaid e Azam ny sab ky samny kaha Ferozi kash tumhari jaga mian mar jata. (May Almighty Allah bless their souls) in addition u people must know that Mian Feroz-ud Din Ahmed was the son of greatest father, Ustad Nor-ud din kada who was very famous.
Aur Bar-e sageer ki well known personalities Ustad Nor-ud Din kada ky Mashwary pa chalty thy.
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