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Originally Posted by BP Seveteen View Post
You are right its just waste of time
Those who scored above 70 marks are not selected in gd and didn't receive any mail yet
Then what is purpose of calling low marks candidates who scored around average 50
Seems like a joke and waste of time
Bop is also not transparent organization like other government based

How much wait
BP seventeen
what should be the standard of transparency?
i think you was assuming they will select as soon you applied for this job and all others were there only for formality. If you will fall on there merit you will need no reference or any sifarish. But concluding that if i'm not selected its never a fair selection is not sensible.
and those people who are still to appear in GD i urge you, please not to pay attention on these rumors. i told you people earlier i had NO reference, my 24 batch mates got no reference at all and we got selected for MTO (sirf Allah ki karam nawazi se), so keep spirit, must appear in GD with prepared well dressed and a matured look and wait at least 2 weeks after GD.

Originally Posted by alamrameez View Post
those with marks above 60 and got selected will be offered MTO positon.
below 60 dudes will be offered TO position.
don't be disappointed if you selected as TO as well. my operational manager was selected as a TO and in 3 years he is an OG-II with a lot of salary benefits. so its not bad idea at all if you don't have alternative.

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