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Dear kal3m,


I am just wondering what about all the other texts mentioned in the 'Poetry' syllabus (besides Muallaqat of Imraul Qais and Zohair):

3. Hassan Bin Thabit...
4. Labeed...
5. Taufiq Al Hakim Dramas
6. Dr Rana MN Ehsan Elahi
7. Dr Jalal al Khayyat
8. Dr Taha Hussain
9. Isa an Na'uri
10. George Saidah
11. Dr De Boer

These texts are not written in the Suggested Readings. They are mentiond in the Main syllabus. I don't know how to make sense out of it. Could you (or anyone) please guide me as to whether:

a) I need to go through these texts, especially the Arabic ones, to score well?

b) Which texts will be enough for knowing the whole paper well (supposing there were no choice)?

c) Can the Translation part in paper II come from any text or there are a few specific texts which I can prepare for translation? If there are, which ones will ensure that I would be able to attempt both translation questions?

I'd be grateful for the help!
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