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Originally Posted by Antalpur View Post
Now you see here is the problem:

1. You believe that I think the test was very well designed, which is not the case. I never said the test was 100% relevant.

2. When we are talking about the year of the test, it pretty much implies the 2013, and not the 2014 when it was held. Let alone the reasons for postponement.

please do tell me where is the funny part my discussion?
Funny part was where you were trying to teach that because it's called 2013 that's why the questions should be from 2013, you were trying to justify their foolish act. Don't you really think that paper should have been up to date? many were even expecting the questions about the recent unfortunate incidents happened in Karachi Airport and Army School Peshawar, like other big incident of the history happened with Malaysia Airlines flight 370 and likewise many others. We were trying to highlight the point that the paper was set in 2013 and they didn't bother to even alter it and make some effort to put some questions from the big incidents took place in the whole world specially in Pak duing the current year i.e. 2014, they just copy pasted the same paper while they took it in the very last days of 2014.

And how come you are still saying this "When we are talking about the year of the test, it pretty much implies the 2013, and not the 2014 when it was held".
How come it does not imply 2014 when the test actually happened n took place. Just giving it the name can't really make it CCE-2013. Same like if we give you name "Nawaz Sharif" you won't become him.
You have reminded me of an incident where someone while walking in the streets of Peshawar has found a signboard citing "Yahan Karachi ki Mashoor Peshawari Ice-cream dastiyab hai".

Originally Posted by Would be View Post
Ali there was an essay in CSS exam last year. ''Violence is last refuge of the incompetent'' I dnt know wat all the fuss is about. Nevertheless, It's entertaining :p . Those who actually lack calibre are talking abt the logic. Anyway, have you qualified this screening test? What are your optional subjects? Make a thread for those who have qualified so that we can initiate a discussion.
And what happened with that exam? you failed or passed? or you didn't even take it yet?
Jab tumhain Urooj mil jae tou teen cheezien kabhi na bholo,
Khuda, Uski Makhlooq, aur..................... apni Oukaat.

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