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Originally Posted by CAKhan View Post
1. When the Governor General of India was was changed to Viceroy by the Queen?

2. What are the main characteristics of the Government of India Act 1935?
(a). Federal System (b). Provincial Autonomy

3. The father of Saturn V rocket which supported the space flight landed on moon first was made
(a). Wernher von Braun (b).Dr. Robert Hutchings Goddard

4. Who was the first Viceroy of India?
(a). Warren Hastings

5. East India Company assumed control over India through an act which led to the British Crown to
assume direct control of India in the new British Raj?
(a). Government of India Act 1858

6. Pakistan was declared as “Islamic Republic” in which constitution?
(a). 1948 (b). 1952 (c). 1956 (d). 1972

7. T.V Screen use three types of colours which are those?
(a). Red, Yellow, Blue (b). Red, Green, Yellow (c). Red, Blue, Green (d). Yellow, Green, Blue

8. The founder of Face Book is?
(a). Mark Zuckerberg

9. The biggest galaxy in the universe is?
(a). IC 1101 (b). Milky way (c). Andromeda

10. The phenomenon that made earth spherical is?
(a). Solar Eclipse (b). Lunar Eclipse

11. The lines that intersect on the map are known as?
(a). Geographical Grid (b). Latitude (c). Longitude (d). None of these

12. The foreigners that were killed by the 16 militants in Nanga Parbat that incident
took place on which date?
(a). 12 June,2013 (b). 25 June,2013 (c). June 22, 2013

13. L.C.D screen was invented by?
(a). George H. Heilmeier

14. A small fort Meerikot near Kotri District is in?
(a). Ranikot

15. Ancient ruins “Koho-Jo-Daro” is in which city?
(a). Mirpur Khas

16. A rain water pound in Thar District is in?
(a). Moori Ji Wandh village, 5 km away from Mithi

17. The Spill Drain storage that drain water from Indus River to Arabian sea through Karachi is called?
(a). Phuleli Canal-Pinyaari

18. A Canal from Kotri barrage Indus river was inaugurated in?

19. The world deepest part of the ocean is called?
(a). Mariana Trench

20. The yellow line that apart Oceans was created by?

21. The first Secretary General of United Nation was?
(a). Trygive liev

22. The bottle that is freezed in refrigerator when exposed in outer atmosphere is due to?

23. The phenomenon of rain fall rainbow is created when sun is?
(a). 90 (b). 60 (c). 42 (d). 70

24. The 38 parallel line are between the borders of ?
(a). North & South Korea (b). Germany to France

25. The giant German airship (dirigible or zeppelin) Hindenburg burst into flames and crashed to the ground in which country?
(a). USA (b). France (c). Scotland

26. The Brooklyn Bridge in New York Connects the two parts?
(a). Manhattan to Queens (b).Manhattan and Brooklyn (c).Queens & Staten Island

27. Pakistan became the member for which organization in 2014?
(a). Shanghai Conference (b). CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research)

28. The idea of Indian National Congress was put forward by?
(a). Allan Octavian Hume Dadabhai Naoroji & Dinshaw Wacha

29. Who offered to play the role to resolve the political problems in sub-continent?
(a). Lord Irvin ……

30. Shuddi and Sanghattan movements were followed by?
(a). Partition of Bengal (b). Khilafat Movement

31. The instrument used in submarine to see outer surface of water is called?
(a). Periscope (b). Telescope

32. The airplane flies in which atmosphere of earth?
(a). Stratosphere (b).Troposphere (c). Mesosphere (d). Therosphere

33. The curves between the railway tracks are due to?
(a). So that the train can turn automatically

34. The “Faisal Mosque” in Islamabad was architect by a?
(a). Saudi (b). Turkish (c). American (d). French

35. The British Prime Minister David Cameron visited Pakistan on which date?
(a). 25th Oct 2013 (b). June 29, 2013

36. The Democratic Party of America was created by?
(a). Andrew Jackson

37. The famous wild goat of Sindh is?

38. When was the third amendment in the constitution was made?
(a). 18 February 1975

39. Which amendment decides the boundries of Pakistan?
(a).First (b). Second

40. Midnight Sun phenomenon of north part of arctic circle is caused by
(a). the tilt of the Earth’s axis

41. The “Aid to Pakistan Consortium” was held on 16 July, 2014 in
(a). Washington (b). London (c). Islamabad (d). Paris

42. In which country is the world’s largest delta?
(a). India (b). Japan (c).Sri Lanka

43. Pace maker is used for?
(a). Heart Diseases

44. First Woman to climb Mount Everest?
(a). Samina Baig

45. Suez Canal links ?
(a). Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea

46. Who wrote the book wings of fire ?
(a). Abdul Kalam (b). Abdul Qadeer Khan

47. Nawaz Sharif gave how much Rs to circular debt?
(a). 506 billion

48. Speed of Light was discovered by?
(a). Albert Einstein

49. Water has maximum density at?
(a). 4 degree (b). 0 degree C (c). 1 degree C

50. Seismograph measures ?
(a). intensity of earthquake

51. Reflex action is controlled by?
(a).Spinal Cord (b).CNS

52. What protects the earth from infrared rays?
(a). Ozone layer

53. Attock fort was constructed in the reign of?
(a). Humayun (b). Akbar

54. 1st nobel prize was awarded in?
(a). 1901 (b). 1857

55. Darfur is a conflict in?
(a). Sudan (b). India

56. Heredity is the study of?
(a). Genetics

57. Iran Pakistan gas pipeline is also called ?
(a). Peace Pipeline (b). Friendship Pipeline ( c). Future

58. British C-in-C in March 1943
(a). Archibald Percival Wavell

59. Sui gas was discoverd in?
(a). 1952 (b). 1948

bhai kaha se parh k ae ho ,your questions answar are mostly wrong ,
Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchill
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