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Originally Posted by RoadBlock View Post
I wanted to enquire about one of the features of the training of PSP officers selected through CSS. Can an officer, during or after his specialized training (or during military attachment) opt to go for specialized courses especially commando course/training (E.g. SSG) inside or outside the country?
Thanks in advance.
Sorry in the meaningless debate that followed I completely forgot to write what I was intending to - if you are interested in physical training you can always train on your own. Apparently SSG is no more an exculsive group, many physical fitness centers in Islamabad claim to have ex-SSG trainers, even losers like Qadri have ex-SSG guards.

I do not know which city you are living in but in Islamabad and Lahore you can find real good professional trainers. I had a Chinese Instructor in Islamabad and he was good, before that there was an ex-SSG who was a nightmare, indeed!

Anyhow I have seen many Pakistanis - girls as well as guys, going to Thailand or Malaysia for martial arts training, like serious professional stuff. Although across the globe people usually go to Japan. I think this is as per affordability. Living costs are lower in Thailand maybe that's the reason of Pakistanis going there.
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