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51. Who is known as the most important figure among the meta physical poets?
Ans: John Donne

52. English Civil War was fought during the reign of
Ans: King Charles I
53. Who was the last great poet of the age of renaissance?
Ans. John Milton
54. John Milton got blind at the age of
Ans. 40
55. The most dominant figure of the age of Restoration is
Ans. John Dryden

56. The first ever significant female novelist was
Ans. Aphra Behn
57. The first official/formal poet laureate is believed tobe
Ans. John Dryden
58. Who introduced Alexdandrine and Triplet into english poetry for the first time?
Ans. John Dryden
59. The age of enlightenment which started in 18th century is also known as
Ans. Age of reason/Augustan age
60. Which english poet is most discussed after Shakespeare?
Ans. Robert Burns
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