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1.Prague is the capital of Czech Republic
2.Urdu is the Word of which language Turkey
3. Steave job famous for Apple
4. John Kerry is us Secretary of state
5.earnest hemirway belong to America
6. communist manifesto written by both karl marks & plenge
7. who was pm at time of 1st marshal law Feroz Khan Noon
8.Current Foreign Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif
9. Only vice president of Pakistan Noor ul Amin
10. Russia Lenin Award to urdu poet Faiz Ahmad Faiz
11. Rawalpindi conspiracy case 1955
12. Quaid-e-Azam presented his 14 points in the city of Delhi
13. Prime minister of Pakistan in 1958 after Martial Law Hussain Shaheed Suhrawardy
14. First Chief Minister of Punjab Iftakhar Hussain Khan
15.pakistan joined which organizatin in 1954 cento
16. oic 1st summit helf at Rabat
17. 1909 constitutional reforms also known as Minto morely reform
18. pak signed indus basin treatry 1960
19. 1st women king of sub continent Razia sultan
20. marconi discoved Radio
21. printing machine inveneted by Johannes Gutenberg
22. who is noble peace winner politician Barrak hussain obama
23. second president of usa John Adam
24. which country not in asia Libya
25.azarbijan in which region Central Asia
26. science of skin is known as Dermatology
27.who check eyesight is known sy Ophthalmologist
28. opposite of clear murky
29. dar ul musanifeen Maulana Shibli numani
30. urdu ka phala afsana nigar munshi prem chand
31.iqbal ki pahli nazam Hamla
32. qurat tul ain haider ka likhi hoi book aag ka darya
33. mutaml ka matlab dollaaat mand
34. urdu nasar ma qadeem tareen Dastaan
35. alma meter means institute were student are educated(relating to education)

90+ would be the merit!
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