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thank you .. but you did not mention any example or i did not understand your last line. please senior comment on this Advice is cheap

This adage implies that advice is given gratis because people love to advise but don't like to be advised.They consider themselves perfect and give unwelcome suggestions free of charge. Moreover people believe on words of mouth rather than practical work. mostly people recommend others without knowing the circumstances of expected follower because they have no fear about risks. They advise others to let the work be done but do not take responsibility themselves.On the other hand , advice can be a best kind of help which one can offer to other to get rid of any difficulty but in society it has become a way of critic instead of sympathy.
For instance , when one visits to a patient then begins undemanded suggestions supposing himself as a doctor. In such situation advice work as curse.Advice has become cheap because adviser even don't act upon his own recommendation.Once a Power Minister of Pakistan advised to public that they must pray for rain to overcome load shedding. Such type of advises often remain unwelcome due to biased attitude of adviser.Moreover parents advise ethics to their children but don't behave as role model then how can they expect the advice to be effected.In Islam Muslims were taught not to say what you don not. Our beloved Prophet P.B.u.h was sent as an adviser but he did not forced it and acted as visual example of his advice.
In sum , advice must be given fairly .A man must avoid from unwanted offers unless he has been asked.Advice should be given in positive manner for constructive purpose .
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