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Old Tuesday, January 29, 2008
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Exclamation Are We Muslims?

I have heard so many discussions and arguments on saying that are we following islam or not are we proper muslims or not?
well we say that we want to move further and get some recognition in this world but we are still busy in deciding that are we muslims or not i just want to ask points given below
1. Who are we to decide about anyone that he is proper muslim or not?
2. No where in world it is discussed that who is muslim who is not why only in Pakistan?
3. Wont we move towards success if we follow what is told us in our holy Quran?and leave the rest on almighty ALLAH to decide for us that are we proper muslims or not

my replies are
1. only ALLAH almighty will decide that who is proper muslim and who isnt
2. we discuss this because of our weak souls and try to hide them by showing that we have alot of knowledge
3. QURAN tells us all the ways of spending of our lives it is the simplest and the best solution for telling us how to spend our lives no matter what happens or what anyone says but if we only follow QURAN we will have the success at both places in our lives and on the day of hereafter.
QURAN is the book from Almighty ALLAH so kindly please follow it you will face no difficulty in your lives and you will live the best life kindly never pull up your finger on anyone

if it is done its possible and if its possible then i can do it:)
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