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Old Tuesday, January 29, 2008
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1- your first question is the main reasons for sectarian divide among muslim when we for our personal interests start to classify people, we take GOD's job in our hand to earn some materialistics gains some times money, sometimes positions etc. which is wrong. IT SHOULD BE ALLAH , as it would be, on judgement day he'll tell who is right and who is wrong as ALLAH says in Quran

2- we pakistan's always project ourselves as " Thakaydar" of islamic world. reasons for this attitiude are political, by the course of incidents we happened to be at the front inorder to fight out so called Islamic Jihad, so our these 30 years we have been groomed to think like that. I belive we need to give up this attitude and need to learn more about peaceful co-existance

3- we all know what quran teaches but we don't practice it , may be the time we'll start to pratice Islamic values things would start to change, JUSTICE and KNOWLEDGE are the two basic of any flourshing society. unfortunatly we don't have both of them among us. neither there are any signs that we'll adopt to them in the near future

GOD Bless us all
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