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Old Thursday, January 31, 2008
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Reply to Marwatone
on 2nd point
i am asking about the muslim countries like Iran,UAE,Indonesia, KSA etc
you have watched many TV channels or Documentaries for example last week i watched a documentary about Nigerian Law on BBC in that documentary the people who were shown they were seem to be not very rich not living advanced life but they were following Shariyat Law as also the Nigerian Law and separate Law for Christians since last 8 years and as shown in that when a culprit is caught he is punished by the court at the first hearing after getting proved that he is guilty and in front of people and as said by statistics of that country there have been only two culprits hands cut off in last 8 years and they were not arguing they just asked one thing to culprits and that wasnt you are proper muslims or not it was do you accept the holy QURAN and Shariya Lawor do you want to go to jail by Nigerian Law and go to jail they both said we accept the holy QURAN and shariya and as we have did a sin you can punish as they both were interviewed by BBC not by our own news channels.

Reply to Shumail
on 3rd point
the name of our religion means PEACE
i am asking about leaving things on Allah to decide are those which are as we are proper muslims or not we should work hard live towards success and as told in QURAN we should gain the knowledge of right and wrong and try to do the right things and i would say that we all have many wrongs in us but why we start arguing on it and try make it right by our arguments
An Example:
if anyone has seen the movie KHUDA KE LIYE(In the name of GOD) Directed by shoaib mansoor in the end if you hear of the words character Sarmar performed by Fawad(EP) that i was good but after getting in arguments with moulana and others and by going on the ways told me i performed so many sins which are unforgiven i suggest we all should watch that movie that is positive attitude for us and others and a message by shoaib mansoor to us thanks

Reply to Edmark
Buddy i dont think that anybody is brain washed to perform these kind of things these people which are extremists are created suppose somebody throughs a rock at your home and keep it throughing and it hits your brother or any other family member what would you do??i dont think you would sit down you would reply him with something or by going to him asking him to dont do that or hitting or throughing the rocks back to him
same thing is happening here also in Wazirstan the military destroys and kills innocent peoples by calling extremists and when extremists are created by those homes then they say we are doing the right thing but they are wrong why there is double standard?when you kill them its right and when they do something terrible and kill our innocent people they are wrong?see the history it tells there was these super powers who were behind creating these people Benazir bhutto came in Pakistan she martyred in just few days and tryed to martyr her on first day do you see the reality she had so much power of nation with her on her back i ask you one question do President Musharraf have that power?i really admire him from the first day he has came in government but the people he is working with who are they?they are the same people working in past governments well just one thing Democracy, Restoration of Law and Order is the thing he should do now enough for now dont take it on heart

reply to Mohammad Usman
1st point
you are absolutely right Mohammad Usman this is the basic things we should be known as muslims not as divisions of Islam


my only purpose for starting this discussion is to simply go to one point and that is stop arguing and start arguing about how can we make our lives better what will be everyone's answer i think that is simply the life told us in holy QURAN there is nothing left in QURAN which isnt in our lives then start arguing how can we become a great nation in the world and prepare ourselves towards it
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if it is done its possible and if its possible then i can do it:)
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