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Old Monday, February 11, 2008
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Dear i agree with you and i also meant the same that could be that my way of explanation is not depending on facts i just wanted to clear one thing and that is stop fighting on these issues and go throughout the holy QURAN it will guide you the way of life and tell you what is wrong and right you read my postings again i am asking the same thing but many people around us have stopped thinking that we should also grow as a single nation even areas are divided here i dont wanna take any names but i think should be known as Muslims and Pakistanis i will give just one example if you will go on Hajj your recognition there will be that you are a Pakistani and a Muslim so why we in our own country are not ready to call ourselves Pakistanis i will take my own example i am a sindhi speaking person but i am proud to be a Pakistani but few of our brothers say that we are only sindhis not Pakistanis same as that some say we belong to this Firqa or that one i just say one thing Allah has given us ability to read the holy QURAN and also its translations why we cant follow that? why we go to other people and ask them i am doing this am i right or wrong and blah blah many other things like which creates confusions
and buddy no hard feelings just wanna see Pakistan as a leading country of the world in one way it is leading all muslim countries as it is the Nuclear Power and i am proud of Dr. AQ khan and respect him as our hero and also respect the decision by President Musharraf that he didnt gave him to USA or IAEA
if it is done its possible and if its possible then i can do it:)
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