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Old Tuesday, February 12, 2008
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Buddy if you say about AQ khan we really dont know what is going on in his life and i cant say anything about it because i dont have any accurate information you know the government how much secretly they can work and there agencies also but by islamic point of view i cant say what i dont know all i know is Dr. AQ khan accepted his mistake on the TV as i heard his speech but you never know what is happening behind the TV screen or what the camera is not recording
Thanks hope you understand my point
everything has two angles one is negative and second is positive so same as that there are things which we know and there are things which we dont know we shouldnt be blaming anyone for anything if we dont have the accurate information i know media is playing a vital role in our lives these days but as i have studied about media i have come to know that it is the thing which changes the thinking of a normal person in the way they want to do as media has changed name of Muslims in Terrorists you know there have been many terrorist which which were jews and christians and hindus also but they are always called by the name of there group not by there religions but after 9/11 that became quiet common in media to call muslims as terrorists same as that many people have tryed to clear the misconceptions of peoples and they have succeed so again the same thing came that some people used media as negative source of information and some took it as positive source so buddy if you dont know that what is going on in Dr.AQ khan's personal life i dont think you should say that no one is taking benefit from his intelligence or knowledge
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