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Default Gender Studies Vs Environmental Studies, Criminology Vs Philosophy, Socio Vs Antro

Hello Everyone,

As we are faced with the situation to opt new subjects so it is highly desired to make a detailed comparative analysis of the subjects noted above in the title and other subjects with respect to their:

1. span i.e. the syllabus ( long or short w.r.t to time. e.g. Apparently Philosophy subject seems to be quite short. it only contains 7 or 8 main topic! People with Philosophy Background Kindly Confirm whether it is short or it just only seems like that!)

2. time required to complete these subjects

3. Level of Difficulty ( Easy or Difficult )

4. Relevance with the compulsory Subjects (e.g. There is a Environmental Sciences portion in General Science and Ability Subject or Gender studies subject has some links with essay or Current Affairs subjects).

5. Scope to score high marks with less effort

6. Book Availability (i.e. Whether there exists only one book that contains the whole syllabus )

7. Notes and Online help Availability (i.e. whether we can easily search and download relevant notes or some video lectures which are mostly in Pakistani context and according to the CSS syllabus of these subjects e.g. VU Notes and Video Lectures )

8. Expert Advice or Expert Teacher available

Before choosing any subject, we need a detailed comparative analysis of those subjects. I am starting this thread with following subjects but you can add yourself new subjects for comparative analysis and expert advice:

A. Gender Studies Vs Environmental Studies,
B. Criminology Vs Philosophy,
C. Sociology Vs Antropolgy

We'll be highly thankful to all the contributors for enabling us to make a learned decision.

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