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Post What to do and what not ? why Paradox.

It is wondering to meet the paradoxical views of many Pakistanis on internet and live on many issues. Recently if we come to understand that before Pakistan was silent on Rohingya Muslims then many people were found blaming Pakistan for being silent over this as being a Muslim state it should also help other Muslims in trouble. Later when Pakistan has taking this case and decided to do something for Rohingya Muslims now many and many people are coming with some criticism like: Pakistan should protect its own minorities first. or Pakistan is also in trouble it should first solve its own problems ? or Why should Pakistan interfere in other's problems ? WHy Pakistan why not other rich Muslim countries ? etc.
Now the point is that what actually our Government shoud do ? and what not ? i know there too are many members in this form regarding this and having different approach to this.
In my opinion:
Being a Muslim state, we must help those Rohingya Muslims. There are reasons and also answers regarding above questions.
First of all admittedly we are a poor state and we have many many problems that must be solved first.
But If we compare our current condition with that of Rohingya Muslims' then definitely we will have a good difference. We are living in an independent state having our own rights though we are deprived from many of our rights but not directly as faced by those Rohingya Muslims. Like we can't be forced to leave our homes if we are actual owners and legal to this. No one can burn our homes, no one can kill us by the help of governing factors like military or Police as compared to Myanmmar Muslims. And we are independent to live. Although if we compare the cases like Terrorism or Crime which are not having any official form, So we have a justifiable right to stand for our Muslim Brethren.
Second: Although we are poorer than many other Muslims countries but this does not mean that we should remain silent over the tired and unsympathetic stands of other Muslim countries or UN. If we are capable to handle this then it becomes our duty to help them both morally and religiously.
Third: We have minorities that must be given equal rights but it does not make any sense to say so. Why ?
Because it is not our official or constitutional drawback that we be posed for this. Minorities being deprived from their rights is actually an issue for the state caused by other unofficial factors and terrorism. like blasts in non-Muslims' worship places could be brought as cases of our state's being failed to protect minorities when such incidents would happen just in non-Muslims in the country. And it is a fact that more than non-Muslims, Muslims and Mosques are being targeted and bombed. So this becomes a state Problem having no any sub-title.
So helping those Rohngiya Muslims would be our best decision. And these $5million that would be spend on those Muslims, would bring a good image of Pakistan and change the atmosphere. We could prove that we are still a hearty nation despite our numerous problems we can help our brethren across the boarder.
Mainly we could get our Mothers and Sisters out of those barbaric atrocities of Myanmmar government. See how they are torturing women and children and rape cases are so high.
Let us see other members' views.
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