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This topic's already been discussed. I could paste the same post here but I don't like cross posting. So go to this page and scroll down to read my post.

Read my response:

And if you still have questions then read this:
And to answer you other questions: People were blaming. Let me tell you Pakistani Public isn't one.It is a very diverse nation, There are many sects and groups in it. There are liberals and there are conservatives. The conservatives were the ones criticizing the Government like you But the liberals like me have trouble digesting that a government who is struggling to help his own people would be able to help other people.

Yes we are a Muslim state: this question has been answered by my linked post which is above. So no need to reiterate it.

And we are not in a position to help them.period. And No pakistanis are not independent. Have you ever been to rural Sindh? Do you even understand our feudal system which has made many slave. And how many times have you heard that: A feudal lord unleashed his dogs on a 10 years old. Or broken the legs of a 14 year old. Or a Girl was killed because she was doing something that was not honourable for her brother..Countless times

And have you never seen a kid working at a mechanic's. Have you ever met an IDP? Someone who lost their family in a terrorist attack?
So despite of what you have been hearing all is NOT well in Pakistan.

If we are capable to handle this then it becomes our duty to help them both morally and religiously.
No we aren't able to handle this. The reasons are mentioned in the above linked post.Could you answer the questions in the above post ?

And Minorities being targeted is our National problem. They are our citizens and it is not about stopping their religious places from blowing. It is about making them thrive not survive. How many minority kids have gone to school with you? How many have gone to college or gotten a job?Hve you ever been to minority community? Ever wonder why they build seperate communities? When they used to live side by side in India.
Religious intolerance needs to be addressed by the government. If our books are going to teach that Hindus were very clever and not trustworthy. How is a child supposed to understand tolerance? How is a Hindu child supposed to learn from it? This has a subtitle but if we don't open our eyes why can't see anything

These 5 millions might change our image but they can't help them at least not permanently, but there are no solutions for this: 5 millions would not give them shelter,food and life skills.

All we can do is Raise our voice. And put pressure on ASEAN and UN. And also the Mayanmar Government. We can try to isolate them by stop buying products from Mayanmar.

Resettlement offers no way out of the current situation for more than a million marginalized Rohingya in Myanmar. The only answer lies in reforms in Myanmar that incorporate the Rohingya as full and respected members of society.
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