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Post Rohingya

Quote: least providing them some food or shelter ( what we are going to do )
The question is: How are we supposed to "deliver" food and shelter to the concerned lot? By invading Myanmar? Or by sending troops in the name of terrorism - just like India did few days back - and while alleviating terrorism there, we will parcel out food amongst Rohingyas?

What channel you propose we should opt? If it is via UN, do you not think other countries - more responsible, resourceful and rich than us - are not willing to "help" Rohingyas?

For the time being, if we opt that solution, what would be your reaction if India shows willingness of helping the people of Thar who are even deprived of clean drinking water?

Helping Rohingya Muslims does not mean ceasing our internal movements against problems faced by us.
If we rubbish all of our problems that we are facing for the time being, how would you ensure that the only "help" that Rohingyas are seeking from Pakistan - the only Nuclear power in the Muslim world and apparently the only Muslim country who is bound to take care of each and every Muslim around the world - is food and shelter?

it is but we are not counted as country of Sunnis, Punjabis, Sindhis etc but One Nation By the way so was my question perhaps put wrongly. i also wanted to meet the proper and right claim in our people. That Why such paradox views are found in us (as a one nation) ?
One nation, in PM's speeches and in local textbooks, YES! Otherwise, in reality, we are not.

Not permanently but temporary until UN, OIC awakes.
Temporary shelter? Just like we did back in Zia-ul-Haq's dictatorial era in the case of Afghan Muhajirs? That too temporarily?

Rest, agreed to all the arguments(by all members)!
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