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Post Rohingya

And sorry but according to UN about 400000 Rohingya Muslims need aid and in this regard $5million of Pakistan becomes 5645000000 myanmar Kyat and each person gets 1366kyat.
Do you really believe that 1366kyat can "feed" a husband and wife and their children(let's suppose, at least two)? Also, are you not considering the value of their currency? It is really feeble by the way.

Having said that, let me merge your latest, emotional post's chuck as well, which says:
i wish we could debate instead of arguing.
We must not get stuck on our views all the time.
If I am poor, unable to feed my children, but in society I want to maintain or even portray my graciousness and responsibleness, I would give away "a single penny" that I have at my disposal to all those people who are having difficult times out there by letting my children die. Is this what you are trying to suggest?

Do you have any figures of homeless people living in Pakistan?
Do you have any figures of people living under the poverty line in Pakistan?
Do you have any figures of people dying of hunger in Pakistan?
Do you have any figures of people dying of unavailability of hospitals in Pakistan?

Sounds quite emotional? I hope so! That $5m may help you find the answers to above rudimentary questions.

Also, let me add a pinch of bitter truth to that;
What do you consider the behaviour of orthodox Muslims towards non-Muslims living in Pakistan?
Do you support the lynching of non-Muslims?
Do you even support the judgements passed by people in streets upon the alleged blasphemous act of any non-Muslim?
Do you even support the *current* Blasphemy law?

That "resolution" in the parliament in the favour of Rohingya's Muslims may help you find the answers.

Then why not something that is need of the hour across the boarder be given from the land of pure ?
Why not something that is need of an hour "inside" the boarder be given to make the land of pure a land of pure?

Actually not in Pakistan. You got it wrong. Shelter may be in Myanmar where they lie beneath open sky and after this under a tent.
$50m aid by Qatar for shelter.
$6m additional aid by Australia for shelter and food.
$3m aid by US.
$1m aid by Turkey.
Few million dollars aid by KSA as well.
and then,
$5m aid by Pakistan.

Turkey $1m and Pakistan $5m? Does not make any sense if we consider our domestic problems, challenges and catastrophes!

I know you may be thinking of those Pakistanis who are also dying due to hunger in our country. I have no words but to say that decades have gone from one government we are having nothing and from other only concrete named METRO etc. Then why not something that is need of the hour across the boarder be given from the land of pure ?
That aforementioned example "If I am poor..." is enough to understand what is wrong and what is right.

What should be the solutions?
Trust me, in this thread, the perfect solutions by considering every facet are presented by all the members. I do not need to reiterate them in my own words.

Also, we really need to think of all the variables of the equation before coming to any conclusion. Sentiments and emotions will lead us nowhere, except in falling for the flowery one-liners like: Hum kaglay hain tu kia hoa dil walay hain; khud mar jayein gay par apni ego ko marnay nahi dein gay; jaib main takka nahi, par batein lakhpatiyon walein hain etc.

P.S: Please come out of the "fellow Muslims" rhetoric. Humans first, then Muslims, Hindus, Christians, Jews and so forth and so on.
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