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We must not get stuck on our views all the time.
No one is stuck on their views. If your argument was good and convincing and you had devised a good way to help them we might have agreed with you.
The simple answer is this:
If my sister in my home has typhoid and an unknown person somewhere has cancer (even if he belongs to my religion). Then I would go home and help my sister because she is my responsibility first of all.So first of all Pakistanis deserve our help and sympathy.
Second: If you say that govt is giving nothing but metro, still if the govt is going to use 5 million it will be on OUR people first and then others.
Knocking the UN & OIC doors
And what can i say on this ? may be in a world called global village, the only possible and proper channel would be UN. As according to UN website UN is already providing them assistance.
If you agree that UN is providing them assistance. Then why do you think Pakistan should jump in? So we use UN to send our money to them? Because we are so so rich, right!
Why do you keep talking about knocking UN door?When UN is helping them
Let i reiterate this assistance is temporary and it would at least give them food for sometime until there come any other permanent assistance.
We give them food for sometime?
but how long is that some time? And how long would 1366 kyats last?
Until some other permanent assistance? Seems like you are still hoping for a miracle.
But let we go through our topic. Simply sense of humor.
What sense of humor are you talking about? No one has made any jokes.
Then why not something that is need of the hour across the boarder be given from the land of pure ?
No piece of land is more pure than the other. Just because we claim it to be. It is pure because of its qualities. which we have failed to attain miserably.
Actually not in Pakistan. You got it wrong. Shelter may be in Myanmar where they lie beneath open sky and after this under a tent.
So we give them food and tents. in 1366 kyats. Really!!!. Please be reasonable
i wish we could debate instead of arguing.
Debate and argue just mean the same thing. To present both sides of the agreement.
So, If i am going irrational then give this discussion any logical angle
This discussion has a logical angle you just don't want to see it..Because you are sentimental towards them which is a good thing but that clouds the judgment
What channel would our Government choose to assist them through these recent claims of $5m ?
We should not send $ 5 million at all. So there's no point in discussing channels.
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